This page is dedicated to letting you know more about me at a personal level.

I am a 23-year-old Danish student. I study economics at the University of Southern Denmark. I like photograph as a hobby and everything that it brings with it. I like the waiting for the right timing. I like the creative part of the shoot. I like when you thought the photos where going to come out bad, but comes out wonderful, and of course I like when unexpected things turn out to be great photos.

I have two blogs that I update more or less. I have this one, and my travel blog (www.lasseklokker.wordpress.com). This one is dedicated to the more artistic and creative shots. The travel blog is dedicated to my experiences when I am away from home (currently Odense). The two blogs will inevitable have some overlaps, but I hope you, as a reader will forgive me for that.

Best regards

Lasse Klokker Hansen

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