First Analog Film

On April 1, 2012 by Lasse

My first experience with an analog camera. Has been so lucky to get a Minolta SRT 101 from a college. I promised her to post the result ugly as it might be. I mostly used the camera’s in-house meter, which seems to be working great. It was a roll containing 36 frames, and from that a lot has been completely blown out or not lit a all. From the 36, 18 has come out good enough for me to bother scanning. I got them developed at my local photo lab! I am very impressed with their job, especially because of the fact that they tried to make the photos look their best!

Some of them are really blurry, but that’s because of poor lightning due to my lack of skill. I hope you enjoy them, just a fraction of what I think of them. They are all scans of 10×15 pictures, made with my low quality 2-in-1 printer and scanner. The pictures are taken in the period of july 2011 to january 2012.

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